Organizing Principle #2: Honor your Self. Give Yourself the Space you Deserve.

Clutter hinders success.

Don't expect yourself to function at your best among clutter.

You can’t perform at your best with clutter, lost papers and lost time hindering you.

Lots of clients I have helped over the years through time management coaching or organizing thought of themselves as undisciplined or lazy. I have not found this judgment to be true. Most of the time I have found that my clients expect themselves to function at their best despite clutter, no good systems and little support. I learned early on that when the desired results are not reached, 85-90% of the time it is because the system isn’t working or is non-existent. It is the system and not the people that needs to be changed. And changing a system is much easier than trying to change a person. So first,make sure you have a good system that is suited to you.

1 Question and 2 Suggestions for You:

1. What is the first step?

Define the first step of the project you want to start. Define it clearly and make it small enough to be manageable. Determine how long it will take you to complete that first step. So, you want a new career? The first step may be to spend 1 hourresearching the qualifications for the new job you want. If you’re tackling your closet, the first step may be getting coverage for the kids for this coming weekend so you can tackle it. This is how small the first step can be, but, believe me it gets things moving.

2. Take your first step.

Now that you know what you want to start AND you’ve defined your first step, plan when you will do this project. Put it on your calendar. Keep the appointment with yourself.

3. Keep going until you finish this one manageable project.

Keep going and making each next appointment until you are done. Get help when you get stuck. Go to books and professional organizers. Just keep going.

I find many of my clients want to organize many areas of their lives at once. They are understandably frustrated with anything that is not working. I know so many of you want to improve every area of your life…TODAY! I do too! However, attempting to tackle everything at once, means nothing will get done. There is a powerful tactic I have used successfully to keep my client’s desire to do everything now from stopping my client from truly ReViving his or her life: SEQUENCING: You cannot change everything at once. You CAN change one thing at a time. Master it. Maintain it. Integrate it. AND THEN…do the next area. It doesn’t take as long you think and this leads to sustained and consistent success. So start and finish your first organizing or time management project. Visualize the finished project at the beginning and each time you do a session. It will keep you motivated and moving.

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