Improve Your Life

  • Manage your time effectively
  • Change health and dietary habits
  • Finding that document in no time
  • Know what is important and deserves your attention

ReVive Is For

  • busy moms
  • business owners
  • executives
  • managers
  • doctors, attorneys, financial planners

Deb Kinney, CPO & MA  has been creating ease at desks, in kitchens & in schedules since 1990. Her sharp insight, clear analysis and deep compassion has made her a master of just simple enough. With her keen mind she quickly understands one’s business or home, one’s goals and offers solutions and possibilities.”I have had the privilege of seeing, over and over, how the process of organizing can open up a life or revive a spirit. I have happily witnessed the freedom found in letting go of the unnecessary and gaining access to the needed and loved.”

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