How I Began Organizing

I have been organizing people for 20 years. I discovered that organizing was a profession back in 1989 when I had to create space for my soon-to-be-born daughter in our small Manhattan apartment. Once friends saw what I’d done they all booked me for their apartments … and a career was born!

I have always had a passion for learning and two areas that have always fascinated me are the mind and how things work. Originally trained as a teacher, I studied psychology, but for fun found myself studying math, engineering and computer programming. The common theme was learning how things, and especially people, worked. I realized I’d been organizing and teaching others on every job I’d ever had from my first farm work at 14 to time as a teacher, paralegal & human resources director.

Organizing Philosophy

Receiving a call from a client is still a thrill to me. I have the privilege of learning how another human being thinks, works and lives. I create organizing and time management systems just simple enough to

  • support you in reaching your goals
  • prompt you to be productive
  • foster a wonderful work/life balance
  • give you down time

In my organizing philosophy I’m all for streamlining our stuff, maximizing our energy and releasing our passion and fun factor. Life is a gloriously exciting and messy enterprise. We can keep the excitement, let go of the mess and embrace what is really important and sustaining for us.

Professional Experience

As well as serving my own clients, I joined Julie Morgenstern Enterprises for 17 years. I have served over 900 clients during my 17 years working as the top Senior Organizer for JME. I co-created training for Organizers in the Organizing from the Inside Out method. During my organizing years I have been lucky enough to be on the Oprah Show, in Good Housekeeping and Redbook. Working with corporate executives, attorneys, small business owners, mothers and families I have brought insight, compassion and a mastery of systems to the task. I’ve also worked as a paralegal at Cleary, Stein and Hamilton in New York and as a Human Resources Director at Bill Communications.

Education and Training

I am a Certified Professional Organizer & Golden Circle NAPO Member. I have a
Masters in Literature & Education from the University of Vermont and a BA in Literature & Education with a minor in Mathematics from State University of New York at Fredonia. I earned a
Certificate in A.D.D. Challenges & Solutions with Edward Hallowell of Harvard University and completed a 2 Year program in Counseling Psychology from Carriage House, Burlington, Vermont. I have also studied and loved computer programming and electrical engineering before finding my calling in organizing.

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