Time Management Is for

  • business owners & executives
  • bosses & their assistants
  • parents & families
  • students

Time Management Is

  • making your time truly count
  • moving toward long term goals consistently
  • a calendar that prompts you to do what’s important
  • creating a great team through great delegation
  • deciding well even in the heat of the moment

Time Management Services

Time Management Coaching is about gaining both flexibility and focus by mastering skills and habits that will ensure that you reach your goals. Managing our time is really about managing ourselves. Time moves on no matter what we do or don’t do. Habits – the right ones – can lead us toward excellence day-by-day. When we don’t achieve our goals we end up frustrated despite working hard.

Deborah’s Time Management Program is made up of 5 components:

Goals Clarification
Analysis of Current Time Use
Identification of Work Style
Needed Skills Development
Strategic Time Use & Habits

Through analysis of current habits and time use Deborah will create a plan for you and coach you to develop effective habits to keep you on track towards achieving your goals. We will discover how and when you work best and the tools to make you your most productive. Whether your goal is a thriving and profitable new business, a promotion at work or a home with time for sit-down dinners or even a date night, habits aligned with your purpose are what you need. Deborah has been helping clients get back on track for 20 years with compassion, humor and keen insight.

ONE-on-ONE Time Management Coaching is a customized program of mastering the skills you need. These may include: goal setting, time estimating, planning & scheduling, communication & delegation, streamlining work processes including meetings & email, project management, choosing the right calendar system for you and choosing the best technology features to use on your tools.

Time Management for Work In the fast paced world of work, weeks can be eaten up by constant interruptions. There is little quiet time for concentration and competing priorities are always calling out to you. ONE-on-ONE Time Management Coaching is about learning a set of skills and habits that ensure you use your time and energy well…even in the most demanding environment. While coaching hundreds of executives, working parents and business owners over 20 years, Deborah has succeeded in teaching them to achieve balance between work and play, better communication and follow-up with staff and colleagues as well as strong habits for getting projects completed. You will increase your productivity and master proven techniques for more effective time use. Deborah quickly grasps one’s business objectives and professional purpose. She accurately diagnoses your strengths and obstacles and teaches you habits that will serve you for years. During sessions Deborah customizes the program to suit your needs perfectly, prioritizing the most important habits for you to master first and then addressing additional needs as you are ready. Learning happens at your pace with an expert eye on your end goal.

Time Management for the Home By understanding the unique needs and lifestyle of your family, Deborah designs routines for everything from meal prep to household management to make your home run smoothly. Through 4 sessions Deborah creates your unique plan and coaches you on developing the habits that will make it stick. Whether your challenge is school mornings or running several homes, your customized solutions will bring low-maintenance ease to your home life.

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