“Thanks to you our life has changed for the better not just because our clutter has been reorganized, but because you have taught Amy how to have an organizational mindset. The new systems she has put in place have made sense out of our kitchen and are guiding our new construction as well. Thank you so much!!”

Nick | Risk Manager

“SInce your initial analysis of my home, I cannot believe how much better I am feeling in so many ways. I feel more energized & getting my house under control feels more possible. I am now looking at the house holistically and seeing how it all works together. The specific steps you gave me for each room make it all managable. I really like the way that the boys have been included in this process and are seen as an integral part of the solution. I like that they too will be learning organizing skills and will feel engaged in this process.”

Lisa | Psychologist & Mom

“I found Deb’s calm and confident approach to be just what I needed to make a long needed change. After many years of diverting my focus & hindering my productivity by using systems that didn’t fit me very well, my office went from being confusing to efficient. Easy access to my critical business information is making all the difference. I was impressed by Deb Kinney’s quick understanding of me and my organization. She quickly taught me simpler ways of handling and storing information.

I have confidence that the system we set up will last for years to come and will pay for itself many times over. I would recommend Deb Kinney’s ReVive organizing to anyone but especially to people who work in small business or non-profits where effective information organization is critical to success and survival.”

Bruce | Non Profit Foundation Director

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